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Gatlinburg is heaven for those who love to visit haunted places. This small mountain town and the surrounds areas have many Smoky Mountain ghost stories and there are even reports of paranormal activity in the area.

The stories, characters, residents, dark streets, and the surroundings of these towns in East Tennessee are like a dream of horror fans. But we’ll be honest: Not every haunted zone in this city is thrilling and exciting. A few are just bland and do not give a very “chilling to the spine” kind of vibe.

That’s why we are here with a list of the Top Haunted Places in Gatlinburg. These places have everything a thrill loving person desires. From horrifying history to mysterious appearance, everything is nightmarish there. That is why you will have a rush of blood and heart beating out of your chest soon when you enter these places.

What are these haunted places? Let’s find out.

spooky forest with human silhouette in background

Which Are The Top Haunted Places In Gatlinburg?

If you are visiting Gatlinburg to have some fun or just passing through to reach the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, you see many haunted places. Out of them, you must visit the following at least once in your lifetime:

Mysterious Mansion

Looking for the most haunted place to feel the unearthly things? Then go to Mysterious Mansion. It is a very famous and terrifying haunted attraction in the town.

The unguided tour you take to this haunted mansion will be an experience you will not forget till your last breath. The eerie corridors, the spooky stairs, the dark chambers, and creepy residents really make the visit unforgettable.

Plus, the secret passageways in this mansion always rush the adrenaline in the blood and you feel a great deal of horror. These passages, corridors, and stairs are what make this mansion “mysterious.”

But the terrifying fun spikes up when you feel someone is there in the shadows. And trust us, there is always someone. To find out what you might encounter in the shadows, you have to visit this mansion yourself.

Location: 424 River Road, Gatlinburg

Learn more about the Mysterious Mansion here


Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure is 10,000 square feet of just screaming and having fun. The actors are dressed as ghosts that are always lurking in the darkness or shadows. So, you should always hold your friend or human next to you whenever you see darkness.

There will also be scary-looking props and machines that will appear out of nowhere, leaving you screaming with panic. But your shouts are not the only thing you will hear. Other people’s screams and the scary noises coming out from the corners of this haunted place increases the fear you are feeling.

Also in this haunted attraction is a collection of what can best be described as “oddities”. These weird things include shunken human heads and rare animal skeletons among many other displays.

Pleast note that you must be at least six years old to enter Ripleys Haunted Adventure.

Location: 908 Parkway, Gatlinburg

Learn more about Ripley’s Haunted Adventure here


Ghost Walk

Another great haunted activity in downtown Gatlinburg TN is one of the area Ghost Walks. The name itself is a little scary. This is for those who love ghost adventures. There are shadowy streets and alleys that look weird and mysterious.

But the real fun begins when tour guides start to build up the fear.

The tour guide will tell you a story about the murder and mayhem that occurred in a local hotel and how the souls are still haunting the place. The frightening tales of real life events that happened in this small town. It’s spine-chilling and hair-raising.

In addition to the murder stories, you will also get to hear about the story of a young woman who committed suicide and how she now encourages others to do the same. The tour guide will tell you how she whispers in the ears of some people who visit the Ghost Walk and prompts them to do what she did.

But Is that it? Nope.

You will also see a cemetery that was built in 1830 and still gives a chilling vibe with its disturbing calmness. Visiting a graveyard where people have been buried for two centuries does give you an unforgettable experience. That is why an Appalachian Ghostwalk is better than any haunted forest or any abandoned stable, which some try to portray as scary.

Adults and children can participate in these ghost walks. However, make sure you don’t let your kids go anywhere without you in this place. Some things might be too scary for children to handle alone.

Check out our guide to the best Gatlinburg ghost walks here, with tour information for each company.


Cades Cove

Cades Cove has been a victim of gruesome murders and tragedies throughout history. That is why it is now one of the most haunted places in Gatlinburg.

There is a gravestone of Russell Gregory on which it is written, “Murdered by North Carolina Rebels.” There might be more dead bodies beneath the ground where the tourists are walking. This just increases the horrifying feeling and you get the sense that this place might be haunted for real.

Another picture of Cades Cove circulated in the media in which a woman’s face was sticking out of the wall like she was trying to come out. Conspiracy theories have been developed around this woman’s face and all of them are terrifying. That is why some people often come to Cades Cove just to try and see the face.

In addition to these creepy things, there are also graveyards, cabins, and other “sinister-looking” buildings that make Cades Cove visit full of excitement and spookiness.

Location: Inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park


Elkmont Ghost Town

Humans first camped in the Elkmont area 8000 years ago. Since then, this place has seen a lot of spookiness and some of it went unnoticed in the history books too.

Euro-Americans were the last settlers there who stayed there till the start of the 20th century. The Park Services purchased the lands and gave the residents a lease. When the lease expired and the residents died, no one was there to take care of the buildings in Elkmont. That’s when the creepiness dawned on this place.

The buildings and surroundings began to deteriorate as there was no single human left. Now, it is a popular haunted place. People come here to see Elkmont because it was once a lively place for 8,000 years and countless men and women lived there, but now there is nothing but a few buildings that are considered haunted by many.

Some think the last residents’ souls still live in Elkmont while some say unearthly creatures have taken over this place as no humans have lived there for decades. But these are all conspiracy theories, and are they true or not? Everything is left up to your imagination when you visit the place.

The experience of visiting this place increases a lot when you get to know that you have to hike to reach it. So, if you are also a hiker and love to visit haunted places, this place is perfect for you.

Location: Inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park


The Greenbrier Restaurant

The Greenbrier restaurant is one of the creepiest places in Gatlinburg. It is famous that a ghost of a 17-year-old lady named Lydia lives in this place. She lived a dreadful life and died a tragic death. According to her life story, her husband-to-be was killed and eaten by a lion one day before her wedding day.

Some people who have visited Greenbrier have claimed that they have heard the crying of a young lady near the stairs.

It is believed that her husband was buried in the Downtown Cemetery. People have also seen Lydia near the grave of her husband and heard her crying for the love she lost a day before the big day of marriage.

So, if you dare, do visit the Greenbrier restaurant. You might also see the ghost of Lydia there. It’s a popular dining attraction with great food.

Location: 370 Newman Rd, Gatlinburg

Learn more about the Greenbrier Restaurant here


Final Thoughts

Gatlinburg is full of untold stories and haunted places. Thousands of people visit this resort city to get an unforgettable experience which they will remember for life. Whether you choose to visit a haunted place in the city or not, it’s still an area that deserves a trip at least once.

The haunted places we described above all have top reviews and are recommended by thousands of people. These are Mysterious Mansion, Ghost Walk, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, Cades Cove, Elkmont Ghost Town, and The Greenbrier Restaurant.

Each of these places has creepy, uncanny, and eerie vibes that give a bone-chilling experience. So, we suggest you do visit the places and see for yourself whether they are worth the hype or not.

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