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Learn all about the best pet friendly things to do in Gatlinburg with our easy guide!

Are you and your furry bestie ready for a paw-some adventure in the Smokies? Gatlinburg, Tennessee is the paw-fect vacation destination for you and your pup.

With plenty of dog-friendly activities and attractions, it’s the ultimate spot to explore with your four-legged companion. From hiking the beautiful trails to indulging in a sweet treat at a pet-friendly restaurant, the options for fun are endless. So pack up your leash and your pup’s favorite toys, and let’s get ready for a bark-tastic time in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge!

woman and leashed dog in front of building

Dog-Friendly Attractions in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

Let’s start our list of pet friendly things to do in Gatlinburg by looking at some great attractions in the area.


At Doggywood, your pup can have the ultimate daycare experience in a safe and fun environment. Located within Dollywood theme park, this special area is designed with your dog’s needs in mind. Doggywood has shaded areas, water stations and plenty of staff to ensure that your furry friend stays safe and entertained while you explore the other attractions at the park. It’s the perfect place for your pup to socialize and enjoy some playtime while you make the most of your day.

Reservations fill up fast, learn more here.

River Rat Tubing

River Rat tubing offers a great way to create an unforgettable experience with your dog. They offer dog-friendly tubing trips on the Little Pigeon River, which is a fun and refreshing way to spend time with your pet. Whether you want to relax in the sun or explore the natural wildlife, a day of River Rat tubing will give you and your pup plenty of adventure and quality time together. You can even get a second tube for your pet and tether it to yours!

Gatlinburg Dog Park

The City of Gatlinburg has Gatlinburg Dog Park – a great place to take your dog for exercise and socialization. The park offers a large, fenced-in area with separate sections for small and large dogs, as well as plenty of shady spots and water stations. Dogs must have their rabies vaccination before entering the park, and owners are obligated to clean up after their pets. You can find this in Mills Park and you can also take leashed dogs to Mynatt Park.

You can also find dog parks in Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, such as Sevierville’s Petsafe Unleashed Dog Park.

The Island at Pigeon Forge

The Island at Pigeon Forge offers a variety of dog-friendly options, including multiple shops and restaurants that welcome four-legged visitors on leashes. Additionally, there is a delightful waterfront area for you and your pup to explore together. Whether you are looking to shop or simply take a walk, The Island at Pigeon Forge is the perfect place for you and your pooch!

Gatlinburg SkyLift Park

The Gatlinburg Skylift Park in downtown Gatlinburg offers a great opportunity to enjoy the spectacular views of the Smoky Mountains with your canine companion. You and your pup can ride the scenic chairlift up to the top of the mountain (Crockett Mountain), where you can take in the stunning scenery together. There are plenty of activities for both you and your pup to enjoy at this dog-friendly attraction, making it an ideal destination for a unique experience together.

Make sure you hold onto your furry friend as you take the Gatlinburg Sky Lift up the mountain.

The Village Shops

The Village Shops in Gatlinburg is a great destination for those looking to explore with their dog. Many of the unique shops and restaurants welcome pets on leashes, making it a friendly and fun atmosphere for both you and your pup. There is something for everyone at The Village Shops, offering a wide range of shopping and dining options. Whether you’re looking for a gift or just want to grab a bite to eat, bring along your furry companion and enjoy the charming atmosphere of The Village Shops.

Be sure to visit Bonediggity Barkery and Gifts as they specialize in gourmet dog treats and accessories for your pooch!

Explore Patriot Park

Patriot Park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is a fun and educational place for families to visit. Along the Little Pigeon River, visitors can admire flags from each of the 50 states and from various branches of the military. The park features a Patriot Missile in the center, which was made famous during the first Gulf War, making it a great place to learn about and appreciate the sacrifices of veterans from Sevier County.

Patriot Park is pet-friendly and a wonderful spot to spend time with your furry pal while admiring nature and honoring veterans. Visitors should remember that all pets must be kept on a leash while visiting the park. It’s a great way to enjoy some quality time with your pet while also learning something new about your local area.

Great Smoky Mountains Outdoor Adventures for Your and Your Pup

Here are some more outdoor activities you can do with your furry best friend! Make sure to pick up any pet excrement and check the dog policy for the area before you visit.

Take a Scenic Drive

Taking a scenic driving tour through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is an ideal way to bond with your beloved pet and appreciate the area’s natural beauty. The park features over 450 miles of roads, including the famous Newfound Gap Road, which runs through the heart of the park offering breathtaking views of the mountains and Cades Cove, where dogs are allowed in the owner’s vehicle and in the campground. Along the way, you can stop at different overlooks and pullouts for short hikes or picnics with your pup. The park also offers numerous campground options so that you and your pet can spend the night in nature.

It’s important to remember that pets are only allowed on roads, parking areas, and picnic areas, and they must be on a leash at all times. Additionally, make sure to bring enough supplies for your pet (such as food and water), plus properly dispose of any waste before leaving each area. It’s also good to check the park’s website for any potential road closures or restrictions before embarking on your journey.

Hike the Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails

Dog owners have two options for hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Dogs are not allowed on any other park trails.

The Gatlinburg Trail is a great place for pet owners to enjoy the outdoors with their canine companions. The wide, flat scenic trail follows along the West Prong of the Little Pigeon River and offers stunning scenery for you both to appreciate. It’s one of only two trails in the park that allow dogs, so they must stay on leash at all times with a leash no longer than 6 feet long. With its gorgeous landscape and controlled atmosphere, the Gatlinburg Trail is an ideal destination for a relaxing stroll with your pup.

The Oconaluftee River Trail is a great option for you and your pup to get some exercise. It is one of two trails in the park that allow dogs, but they must be kept on leash at all times (no longer than 6 feet). The 1.5 mile trail runs through forests alongside the Oconaluftee River, offering beautiful views of the river along the way.

The trail is relatively flat with only a few small hills, making it suitable for dogs of all sizes and energy levels. With its stunning scenery and safe environment, taking your dog on a walk down the Oconaluftee River Trail can be an enjoyable experience for both you and your pup. Be sure to visit the Oconaluftee visitor center.

Eat at a Dog-Friendly Restaurant

These are just a few of the restaurants in the area that allow leashed pets.

Mad Dog’s Creamery

Maddog’s Creamery and Donuts is a pup-friendly treat shop that offers an array of delicious desserts for both humans and their four-legged friends. The menu includes hand-dipped ice cream, soft serve ice cream, sundaes, banana splits, milkshakes, and more for you to enjoy alongside your canine companion. They also provide outdoor picnic tables and water bowls so you can relax outside with Fido. It is the perfect spot for a special afternoon treat with your furry family member!

Howard’s Restaurant

Howard’s Restaurant offers the perfect place to have a dinner out with man’s best friend! With juicy steaks, pork, chicken, and fish dishes to choose from, everyone can find something they love. Plus, the outdoor patio overlooks a creek and provides an ice cold water bowl for canine companions. Whether you want a delicious meal or just want to relax in peaceful surroundings with your pup, head to Howard’s Restaurant for an enjoyable experience sure to be enjoyed by all!

Mellow Mushroom

The Mellow Mushroom pizza restaurant at The Island in Pigeon Forge is the perfect place for you and your pup to enjoy some delicious food. This pet-friendly location allows pets on the patio as long as they are leashed, so you can both get some fresh air while you eat. The menu features an extensive range of pizzas, beers, wines and cocktails that are sure to please everyone. Stop by the Mellow Mushroom next time you’re in Pigeon Forge for a great meal with your four-legged friend!

Pet Friendly Cabins in Gatlinburg

Tips for Making Sure Your Pup Has a Great Trip

  1. Pack plenty of treats and toys: Fido will love having his favorite treats and toys along for the ride. It will keep him entertained and happy during the trip.
  2. Research pet-friendly accommodations: Make sure to book a pet-friendly hotel or vacation rental that will make your pup feel at home. (See lists above for help)
  3. Bring familiar items: Bring along familiar items such as your pup’s bed or blanket to provide comfort and a sense of home.
  4. Schedule plenty of rest and playtime: Make sure to schedule plenty of rest and playtime for your pup during the trip. It’s important to keep them active and engaged.
  5. Don’t forget the essentials: Make sure to pack all the essentials for your pup such as food, water, bowls, and any medications they may need.
  6. Keep them cool: If you’re traveling in hot weather, make sure to keep your pup cool with plenty of water and shade.
  7. Plan for potty breaks: Plan for regular potty breaks during the trip to keep your pup happy and comfortable.
  8. Be mindful of leash laws: Be sure to research and follow leash laws at your destination to keep your pup safe and legal.
  9. Have fun! Remember, the most important thing is to have fun with your furry bestie. Enjoy the adventure and make lots of memories together!
  10. And don’t forget to take lots of pictures and videos to remember all the fun you had together!

Final Thoughts on Pet Friendly Things to Do in Gatlinburg

Taking your dog to Gatlinburg can be a great way to make amazing memories together and strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion. It’s important to keep in mind leash laws, pet-friendly accommodations, and what items to bring for your pup before heading out on vacation.

You’ll find plenty of pet friendly things to do in Gatlinburg such as hiking the wonderful trails, letting your pup enjoy a tasty treat at a pet-friendly restaurant, or taking a beautiful drive through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

With some careful planning ahead of time and ensuring your pooch feels comfortable, both you and Fido can have an unforgettable bark-tastic time in Gatlinburg. Don’t forget to have fun and make priceless memories along the way!

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