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Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are renowned for their moonshine, but ‘shine isn’t the only thing people are drinking in the Smoky Mountain area! In fact, the Smokies are full of great coffee shops.

Today we are here to bring you our very favorite places in this quaint vacation town to get a great cup of coffee. First we’ll take a look at the coffee shops, then we’ll share some other places you can get a great “cup of joe”.

The Best Coffee Shops in Gatlinburg

Coffee & Company

Located in the Village in downtown Gatlinburg, this amazing coffee shop offers a full line of coffee drinks! They get rave reviews on every platform and we love the quaint atmosphere of the Village.

On the Menu: A wide range of coffee drinks such as lattes, mocha, cappuccino, regular and flavored coffee, blended and iced coffee. For those who don’t like coffee, you can find fruit smoothies, blended creams, chai tea, hot chocolate and more.

Location: 634 Parkway, Suite 13

Learn more about Coffee and Company here


Gatlinburg Grind

Enjoy the taste of fresh coffee beans roasted on site and the unique pour over method at Gatlinburg Grind. This Gatlinburg coffee shop also has items on the menu for those who don’t enjoy coffee, which my kids really appreciate. It’s also a cafe and bakery, so you can find food items here as well.

On the Menu: A variety of coffee drinks including drip and pour over coffee, espresso, mocha, cold brew and a lot more. For non-coffee drinkers, you can get their awesome hot chocolate bar (we love this!), fizzers and really tasty baked goods. You can also special order cakes here, including wedding cakes, which is why it also made our list for the best bakeries in Gatlinburg.

Location: 680 Glades Rd, Suite 3

Learn more about Gatlinburg Grind here


Green Eye Hemp Cafe

This might not be somewhere you think of for coffee, but they have great locally roasted organic coffee, specially blended teas and baked goods. They are also a hemp shop, as you can tell by the name. All their coffees and teas are not only organic, but also fair trade.

On the Menu: A full line of coffee drinks including espresso, cold brew, Americano, lattes, mocha, cappuccino, french press and more. Non coffee drinkers can find a great menu of tea including green and black teas, blended teas, hot chocolate, and unique drinks like golden milk and jasmine dragon.

Location: 1359 East Pkwy Suite D

Learn more about the Green Eye Hemp Cafe here


Ski Mountain Grind Haus

If you’re headed up to Ober Gatlinburg to ride the scenic chairlift, be sure and stop by the Tramway Mall for a wonderful cup of delicious coffee or coffee drink at the Ski Mountain Grind Haus!

On the Menu: A variety of coffees including Americano, mocha, lattes, espresso drinks, iced coffee and frappuccino, with a ton of flavor options for flavored coffees. For non-coffee drinkers you can find hot chocolate, hot tea and a chai latte.

Location: In the Tramway Mall at Ober Gatlinburg

Learn more about Ski Mountain Grind Haus here


Our Favorite Coffee Outside the Coffee Shop

Pancake Pantry

While you won’t find an extensive coffee menu here, for those of you who like a great cup of black coffee, or maybe coffee with a bit of cream and sugar, this is a wonderful place to get some breakfast and coffee.

On the Menu: Coffee and cappuccino, but also all the breakfast items (including pancakes, of course!) and lunch items you could want. This place is famous for their breakfast dishes and usually has a wait, but it’s sooo worth it.

Location: 628 Parkway

Learn more about the Pancake Pantry here


The Donut Friar

The Donut Friar is an amazing place to stop in and have some of the freshest donuts you’ve ever had. If you don’t have time to eat at the Pancake Pantry, head on down to the Donut Friar for donuts and a great basic cup of coffee.

On the Menu: Hot, fresh donuts to go with that piping hot cup of coffee! You can also get basic non-coffee beverages to go with your donuts, but this really is a must-try place to eat. Plus it’s a super quaint little shop you just have to see!

Location: 634 Parkway #15

Learn more about the Donut Friar here


If you’re near Anakeesta, you should also stop by the Coffee Shack. It’s gotten rave reviews, but I haven’t personally tried it yet and I can’t find a lot of info online, but my friends say it’s good.

Whew! Now THAT is a lot of coffee – I’m sure you can find a cup or two you love, or enjoy checking out every one of the spots on our list to find the best coffee shop in town!

No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re bound to find it in this Great Smoky Mountain town. Gatlinburg is so cute and unique. It really has a great atmosphere and we love coming down every chance we get!

I hope you enjoyed our look into the best coffee in Gatlinburg!

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