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The Pigeon Forge Trolley is a great way to explore the Great Smoky Mountains. The trolley offers visitors complimentary maps and brochures, which are also available at stops along the route.

map of the Pigeon Forge area

The trolley runs up and down the Parkway, experiencing all of Pigeon Forge’s attractions for a very low cost and no worries about driving in the traffic!

Tourists can take advantage of this affordable transportation option or use it as an alternative to renting or owning a vehicle while visiting this exciting city.

Introduction to the Pigeon Forge Trolley

Pigeon Forge Mass Transit used to be known as the Fun Time Trolley and it still provides the same fun trolley service that it has since 1986.

To help keep the Smoky Mountain air clean, the Pigeon Forge trolley system was created. It’s most likely the finest method to see the area’s attractions since you won’t have to worry about traffic and can just enjoy looking at the sights of the Pigeon Forge Parkway.

How Does it Work?

It’s easy to find and ride the Pigeon Forge trolleys! You can get on at the main trolley station and also at any trolley stop along the route. There are more than 100 trolley stops and you can also go to select locations in Gatlinburg and Sevierville on the trolley route.

All trolleys depart from and return to Patriot Park at 186 Old Mill Ave in the Old Mill District.

Trolley Hours

Mid-March through October: 8:30am – Midnight

November through mid-March: 10am – 10pm

Where Should I Park?

Free parking is available at city lots (the River Lot between The Island and the LeConte Center and the Mountain Lot near The Ripken Experience on Jake Thomas Road). Free shuttles are available from the River lot.

Those who park in the Mountain lot may use the footbridge to reach the trolley stop on Jake Thomas Road to be taken to the trolley hub at Patriot Park.

trolley stop
Look for these fun trolley stops all over town

Where Does the Trolley Go?

Here are the official routes. Please note that times may be delayed due to events or high traffic.

North Parkway

The North Parkway trolley begins at Patriot Park and travels north through Pigeon Forge before continuing into Sevierville. It then goes south to the Governors Crossing & Wal-Mart areas before returning to Patriot Park. This trolley comes every 20 minutes.

South Parkway

The South Parkway transit leaves Patriot Park and travels east to Teaster Lane, then north to Jake Thomas Road, with a stop at LeConte Convention Center. Then it makes a left turn onto Parkway South to light #6, Pine Mountain Rd., before returning to the parkway. This Transit continues south to some campgrounds and Dolly Parton’s Stampede, then returns to Patriot Park. This trolley comes every 25 minutes.

Gatlinburg Welcome Center

This is a non-stop trip from Patriot Park to the Gatlinburg Welcome Center on the spur just outside of Gatlinburg, then back to Patriot Park. The hours of operation for this service are determined by the city of Gatlinburg’s transit schedules. This trolley comes every 30 minutes.


The Dollywood Transit travels from Patriot Park to Dollywood and back again. The trolley operates for thirty minutes before Dollywood opens through the day to the evening until everyone is returned to Patriot Park. This trolley comes every 15 minutes.

Dollywoods Splash Country

Splash Country Transit leaves Patriot Park and travels to Splash Country and back. This trolley comes every 20 minutes.

Wears Valley

The Wears Valley transit begins at Patriot Park and goes north on Teaster Lane, passing through the Pigeon River Crossings Mall/Riverview Mall area before coming to traffic light #2 on the parkway. The transportation continues westbound along Community Center Drive, Sand Pike Blvd., and Wears Valley Road to serve local campgrounds and other businesses before returning to Patriot Park.

How Much Does it Cost?

Expert Tip: Make sure you have exact change, as you can’t get change from the trolley driver!


North Parkway $1.00

South Parkway $1.00

Gatlinburg Welcome Center $1.00

Dollywood $2.50

Dolly’s Splash Country $2.50

Wears Valley $1.00

All Day Pass (Colored wristband) $3.00

(Children age 3 and under) Free

Expert Tips:

Day passes may only be purchased at the Pigeon Forge Mass Transit office.

Day passes will not work on city of Gatlinburg’s Trolleys.

Tips for using the trolley to get around town while visiting Pigeon Forge TN

The best deal is by far the all-day pass if you are going to get on more than once.

Individual fares are paid each time you board a trolley.

Most all trolleys are equipped with mobility aids such as wheelchair lifts, making the trolleys handicap accessible.

Pigeon Forge Trolleys are a separate entity from the Gatlinburg Trolleys, so a day pass will not work on the other trolley system.

Contact Information for the Pigeon Forge Trolley

For more information about the Pigeon Forge trolley service, please visit or call (865) 453-6444.

Common questions about the pigeon forge trolley

How much does it cost to ride the Pigeon Forge Trolley?

Fares start at $1 but you can get an all-day pass for just $3 at the main trolley station. Children 3 and under ride free.

Are Pigeon Forge trolleys running?

The fleet of over 40 vehicles is running, even in 2022 with the pandemic. Sometimes there is a mask requirement to ride the trolleys, so please check the main website for the trolley system to determine if you will need to wear a mask while riding.

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Final Thoughts on the Pigeon Forge Trolley

This is really a great way to get around town, and also a great way to avoid the parking headache at Dollywood. So if you want to kick back and relax while someone else drives around the parkway, take the Pigeon Forge Trolley when youre in town!

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