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There are a few must-eat foods at the Dollywood theme park in Pigeon Forge, and this is definitely one of them! With its irresistible classic combo of flaky crust with a perfect lattice and sweet apples, it is a sure hit! It is also something to brag about that you’ve had a slice of a 25-pound apple pie!

This pie is unique in that it is massive. It is made with pounds of apples, melt in your mouth pastry, spices, melted butter and a little bit of love. It’s baked in an enormous cast-iron skillet and you can buy it by the slice or the whole pie. One slice weighs 3 pounds and feeds 4 adults – so it should be enough for the whole family!

History of Dollywood’s Apple Pie

This famous apple pie first came on the scene in 2015 to celebrate the Tennessee theme park’s 25th anniversary. It has been sold at the Spotlight Bakery every since, where people can go to satisfy their sweet tooth with the pie, cinnamon rolls, sugar cookies, and the world-famous cinnamon bread served with buttercream frosting or apple butter, which is also sold at the Grist Mill.

It was so popular once it was introduced that it has been served at the Spotlight Bakery ever since. Stop by on your next trip to Dollywood!

The Making of This Unique Taste of the Smoky Mountains

This famous pie is made daily at the Spotlight Bakery. Pastry chefs combine 40 to 50 apples with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and other typical apple pie spices, butter and salt and pour this into a tender flaky crust in a prepared pan. The pie is then topped with strips of pie dough for a perfect lattice on top.

It is baked in a Lodge cast iron skillet in a really neat rotating oven. It takes two people just to put it in the oven! After the pie bakes and cools, it’s put into the show case and is available for purchase.

You can check out the making of this amazing pie in this video:

Where is the apple pie at Dollywood?

The famous 25 pound apple pie is available at Dollywood’s Spotlight Bakery in the Showstreet section of the park, which is near the park entrance. This location also sells the famous Cinnamon Bread and other wonderful treats.

You can buy a 3 pound slice of this pie that feeds roughly four adults or you can buy the whole thing. (That’s a LOT of pie!)

Pie Ingredients

The pie has a flaky crust (that is made from scratch in the bakery) that has been cooked in a cast iron skillet, giving it a nice flavor and it ensures a nice texture! The filling includes around 35 apples and some spices (like cinnamon, nutmeg, and others). It also has some butter and salt.

How many apples are in the Dollywood apple pie?

There are about 40 to 50 apples used in the production of the apple pie.

How much is Dollywood’s apple pie?

To buy a slice, you’ll hand over $18.99 plus tax. If you want to get the entire pie, you’ll need $189.99 plus tax. You can even purchase the cast iron skillet it was in!

You Might Also Like these Other Dollywood Food Options

Aunt Granny’s – this restaurant has been rated as some of the best theme park food in the country, and it’s all served family style. It is located in Rivertown Junction, which isn’t too far from the Spotlight Bakery.

Hickory House BBQ – this place sells excellent food like barbecue pork sandwiches, pinto beans and more. Definitely good for a lunch or dinner option. You can’t eat in at this restaurant, but there is a seating area nearby. It’s located in the Craftsman’s Valley area of the park.

Granny Ogle’s Ham N Beans – another great choice in the Craftsman’s Valley area of the park. Try the beans n greens or chicken pot pie, and you can get a hot dog kids meal here.

Crossroads Funnel Cakes – a great place for a delicious snack! They have fresh funnel cakes that you can watch being made and get a variety of different toppings. Located in Rivertown Junction.

The Front Porch Cafe – This is great for a lighter option as you can get soups and sandwiches here. It’s one of the first places you see when you go through the Showstreet area of the park, after you see the Spotlight Bakery.

There are tons of other options at Dollywood, too. Be sure to check out our entire guide to the Best Food in Dollywood, and also our guide to Dollywood Vegan and Vegetarian Options.

Can I Make This Apple Pie at Home?

While you might not have a cast iron skillet large enough to hold a 25-pound pie, there are definitely copycat recipes out there.

There is also this more in-depth video of how the famous apple pie is made:

Rumor is that if you want a whole pie shipped to your house, you can call Dollywood and arrange it! Wow!

Final Thoughts on the Famous Dollywood Apple Pie

I hope you’ll try a slice of pie on your next visit to Dollywood. It’s really something special, and definitely the largest slice of pie you’ll ever eat! It’s just another one of the great things that makes Dollywood unique and one of our favorite places to visit.

It’s an important part of Dollywood history and also with the cast iron it is an important part of Appalachian cooking. We are huge fans of cast iron in our house, and that all started in the Smoky Mountains, where you can find tons of Lodge cast iron cookware at really great prices.

Happy apple pie eating!

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