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Most people come to this Pigeon Forge amusement park for shows, roller coasters, and other rides, but there’s also something else worth making the trip to the theme park for: World famous Dollywood cinnamon bread.

dollywood cinnamon bread sign

Before we start, let’s just get one thing clear. This Cinnamon bread is no ordinary bread! It is insanely delicious with people sometimes waiting hours in a very long line for loaves! This guide will help you know when and where to get this iconic treat that is no regular theme park food.

What the big deal about the Dollywood Cinnamon Bread, Anyway?

The warm loaves of cinnamon bread can be smelled all over Craftsman Valley. This is, no kidding, the best cinnamon bread ever! While the official recipe has never been released, you can find a great Dollywood cinnamon bread recipe in our guide.

This is the best thing to eat in the park, and when I saw the line for these pull-apart loaves can be over an hour wait, I’m not joking! Take a look at the line from our last trip:

long line for the dollywood cinnamon bread

You could seriously sit and eat a whole loaf in one sitting. It’s delicious enough to eat without any kind of topping because it has melted butter and a brown sugar and cinnamon mixture that’s heavenly. You can get sauces of buttercream icing or apple butter to eat with your delicious treat as well. My kids like the icing, but I prefer it without as it is sweet enough thanks to the cinnamon-sugar mixture in between each piece of pull apart bread, especially the areas that were at the bottom of the pan – they are so gooey and decadent, like amazing cinnamon rolls!

Where can I get the Cinnamon Bread?

The Cinnamon Bread has originally only been sold at the Grist Mill in Dollywood, but because of its popularity, it is now available at several other locations. Now you can get the bread at the Grist Mill, located in Craftsman’s Valley, and is now available at the Spotlight Bakery on Showstreet. Dollywood now offers this bread at their hotel, Dollywood DreamMore Resort and Spa. You can find it in the resort at the DM Bakery. For the park locations, you can access the park map here.

view of the grist mill, where they make dollywood cinnamon bread

When should I get the Cinnamon Bread?

If you want to dodge most of the lines, you should get the famous bread once you arrive. You should probably head to the Grist Mill at this time, because the Spotlight Bakery can be crowded with others buying other select treats and coffee. Since the Grist Mill is farther back in the park and only sells the Cinnamon Bread, you will have more luck here. When the park is decently busy,  right before the lunch or dinner rush is a fine time, but during and after lunch for a few hours people want their bread as a treat or meal altogether! When the park is not busy you should not have to wait in extreme lines at any location.

Another time we’ve had luck scoring this world-famous cinnamon bread without lines is at park closing time. They are eager to sell the rest of their loaves and you can pick up several to take with you for breakfast the next day! Score!

Can I See the Bread Being Made?

The short answer is yes! At the Grist Mill, you can see the workers preparing and making the bread from the fresh flour milled by the giant wheel outside. However, the other locations will not let you see it being made.

How Expensive Is the Cinnamon Bread?

As of the time of this post, the Cinnamon Bread is 10 dollars a loaf. Prices, of course, are subject to change, especially with all the craziness happening all over the world. Make sure to pick up some wonderful cinnamon bread on your next trip to Dollywood!

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Can I Make Dollywood’s Cinnamon Bread at home?

While you can’t get it exactly the same as Dollywood, you can come close! We have an entire post dedicated to cinnamon bread copycat recipes, so check that out here. Most recipes call for a bread dough to be made from bread flour or all-purpose flour (including warm water, a yeast mixture, and other ingredients), and then a butter-corn syrup mixture or butter with lots of cinnamon and sugar. Each recipe is slightly different, so experiment until you find one that you enjoy!

Other things you will need to make the bread are a stand mixer with a dough hook, a small bowl, and a small baking dish such as 9-by-5-inch loaf pans or smaller pans for 3-by-6-inch loaves. Most recipes also call for unsalted butter and vegetable oil cooking spray for your pan. Plastic wrap or aluminum foil also come in handy!

Our youngest enjoying the cinnamon bread with icing on our trip to Dollywood in June!

Final Thoughts about Dollywood Cinnamon Bread

If you’re looking for a delicious treat that’s synonymous with southern eats, look no further than Dollywood cinnamon bread. This sweet and sticky bread is perfect for any occasion, and it’s sure to please everyone in attendance. So next time you’re in Pigeon Forge, be sure to stop by Dollywood and enjoy a loaf of this mouth-watering cinnamon bread.

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