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Headed to Pigeon Forge to visit the Dollywood theme park? We love all things Dollywood and the FireChaser Express is a family favorite! The nation’s first dual-launch family coaster takes you on a journey as a volunteer firefighter up the the fireworks emporium, where you will escape Big Bertha and experience a backwards launch.

The FireChaser Express is a great ride for families and thrill seekers alike! Blasting riders forwards and backwards to search for Crazy Charlie smelling something in the warehouse! Can you make it in time to put out the fire?

firechaser express fire station entrance
Entrance and Exit to the FireChaser Express

FireChaser Specs

Track length: 2427 feet
Riders per Train: 14, two in seven fire- train cars
Height: 79 feet
Drop: 72 feet
Top Speed: 35 mph
Inversions: 0
Minimum Height Requirement: 39 inches
Max Height to ride: N/A
Number of Trains: 3 each with 7 cars

Ride Experience Video:

Ride Experience

You will enter the building that is decorated like a fire station, with pictures, fire hoses and other firehouse decor and walk up a flight of stairs to the loading station. You will either be assigned a row or you choose (it depends on the number of riders in line).

You will then get in the car and pull down on the restraint. Once the green light is given you accelerate from 0 to 16 mph in 1.8 seconds! You will do a series of curves before you come to the large hill. You will climb until the top of the 79-foot lift and then you will turn and then do a light drop before doing yet another series of turns which includes the big drop.

After this you will slow down and stop in a building modeled like a fireworks store (the Fireworks Emporium). You will hear an audio clip of Crazy Charlie arguing with the firefighters. Then, the real fire appears along the sides for special effects! All while you are doing this, a section of the trick track is switching behind you! As the large rocket in the corner falls over as smoke arises, you’re blasted backwards in the opposite direction to do a series of turns to finally stop right next to where you started. After the next train is launched the track switches and you perform a backwards 180 degree turn to stop exactly where you started. You will the proceed to the exit and leave the building. 

FireChaser Express going forward
Heading into the Fireworks Emporium!

Insider’s Tips

The wait time for this ride is often long, so if you plan on riding this unique family coaster, try to go first thing when the park opens. It is normally busy, so if you want to ride it without a large wait, I suggest when you arrive at opening time at the park you should go straight to it while others are going to the major thrill rides. You can always use the Dollywood app to check wait times.

This ride is one of the first to close when the weather gets cold. Usually if it’s under 40 degrees the FireChaser will be closed.

The FireChaser is wonderful for younger children who are at least 39″ and are ready for something more thrilling than the kiddie rides (the Dragonflier is also another good choice with a minimun height requirement of 39 inches). This is one of the coasters we can all ride together and we love it!

FireChaser Express going backwards
The backwards portion of the ride

Personal Opinion

My personal opinion is that the FIreChaser Express is a great family ride and has a great story line to follow. The seats are comfy, but only have one handle on one side, you can only hold on to it. If you want to hold on to something with both hands, you will have to lean forward to grab the bar on the front of the car. It also loads quickly, since there are 3 cars running most of the time. Overall, I think it is not the most thrilling, but it is a great family coaster!

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