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Headed to the Pigeon Forge theme park and looking for a perfect family coaster that all will love? You can’t go wrong with the Dollywood Dragonflier! This Dollywood coaster is one of our family’s favorites, and thanks to the low minimum height requirement, we can all ride together.

Our oldest son and his friend riding in the first car!

About the Dragonflier Coaster

The Dragonflier is the centerpiece of Wildwood Grove, Dollywood’s new area of the park. With its bright green track it’s hard to miss! It debuted in 2019 when the Wildwood Grove are aof the park opened.

The coaster is named the Dragonflier because it mimics the flight of a Smoky Mountain dragonfly, one of the most playful creatures in the area. The whole family can fly on the wings of a dragonfly with this suspended coaster. Our entire family has been riding since the youngest was tall enough at three years old and we absolutely love it.

Dragonflier Ride Specs

Track length: 1,486.3 feet

Riders: 20 on 10 cars

G’s: 3.5

Type: Inverted Steel Coaster

Inversions: N/A

Min Height to Ride: 39 inches

Ride Experience

On this ride you will be seated with one person on the other side of you along with nine other cars. This coaster involves inverted trains, and your feet will not be touching the ground. The ride almost directly starts the climb with booster wheels up the hill.

After climbing to a max height of 63.3 feet, you will make a dive down the first drop with a top speed of 46.6 mph into an underground tunnel and then back up again. You will then make a series of turns leading you over the building, and after making a few more turns, you will dip down a bit into the ground and return where you started.

The whole ride takes about one minute, and is over very fast. Check it out here:


Vekoma’s dragonflier was a part of Dollywood’s $37m expansion, “Wildwood Grove” (which is Dollywood’s largest expansion ever). In March of 2019, the official opening of Wildwood Grove was set. On May 10, 2019, the coaster took its first riders and has been operating ever since.

Personal Opinion

I think the Dragonflier is a great, mild coaster for those first starting to branch out. It is very quiet, and all of my kiddos love it! It is tame enough for my four-year-old to enjoy it, but it still has a thrill factor in it.

The seats, because it is inverted, are a bit uncomfortable and the restraint has no handle to hold on to for those who need some comfort.

Sometimes I wish that it was a little longer, because normally the lines are packed and you’re waiting for a long time for a one minute ride. It is a good coaster to bridge the gap between the kiddie rides and some serious coasters.

What’s Nearby?

In the Wildwood Grove area of the park, where you can find the Wildwood Tree, the newest roller coaster (Big Bear Mountain, opening Spring 2023), Black Bear Trail, Wildwood Creek outdoor play area with water geysers in the warmer months, the Mad Mockingbirds, the Giant Tree Swing (possibly our favorite ride in the park!), the Treetop Tower, and Hidden Hollow, an indoor play area for the kiddos.

There are restrooms right next to this ride, you can get a bite to eat or something to drink not too far away, and it’s also close to a shop where you can check out some souvenirs to take home.

Insider’s Tips for the Dragonflier

This ride is one of the first to close down in inclement weather, along with the Lightning Rod and the Firechaser Express, so if it gets to 40 degrees or lower you might not get to ride.

It has a great unobstructed view of a lot of the park, so it’s one of the unique experiences to check out, especially when there is fall foliage.

Even though this coaster takes an unpredictable path like the flying insect it’s named after, it’s nice and smooth with no jerking, which is important to Mom and Dad. The boys say it’s “fighter jet training” and love the “fighter jet turns”.

It’s a good one to get you set up for the Wild Eagle, because both are suspended coasters but this one is much lower and does not go upside down.

Since this ride is way back in the hidden corner of Wildwood Grove, check the wait times on the Dollywood App while you are in the park or check one of the many stations that have wait times listed. That way you won’t go all the way to the back of the park and then find that the wait is too long.

This is one of the few coasters that I can ride with my glasses on and not worry about them falling off. They do have bins to leave loose articles, so feel free to put your stuff in a bin – you’ll see it in about a minute and no one else will go near it.

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Common Questions about the Dragonflier

Where is Dragonflier in Dollywood?

The Dragonflier is in the Wildwood Grove section of the park, the park’s newest expansion. When you enter the park, take the path to the left all the way to the back of the park and you will find Wildwood Grove. The Dragonflier is in the back of the grove.

Does Dragonflier at Dollywood go upside down?

Don’t worry, this ride is safe for guests who are 39″ and taller – it does not go upside down. It’s meant to be a family coaster that is safe and fun for most ages, generally ages 3 or 4 on up.

Final Thoughts on the Dollywood Dragonflier

Your Dollywood experience won’t be complete without a ride on the Dragonflier! This coaster is good for guests of all ages (except those under 39″, but there are rides nearby that family members can take them to). It’s a fun themed ride that really is worth a short wait. Enjoy!

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